Get involved as an Active Member of VELOVE

If you are passionate about bikes and keen to share that passion with others, we would love to have you as part of the Active VELOVE team. You do NOT need to know about all the inner workings of a bike, nor the best riding routes. We are looking for people with motivation and a commitment to our mission of getting universities cycling.

How to get involved

Complete the registration form for the workshop you are interested in to sign up for an Introduction Session where we will explain more about the goals and visions of VELOVE, as well as describe what becoming part of the Active VELOVE team involves, for instance by running the Velowerkstatt and our other activities. And of course we will show you what benefits and exclusive offers you get in return for contributing your time and enthusiasm to building the VELOVE biking community.

But I do not know enough to run the Velowerkstatt?

If you are keen to help run the Velowerstatt but feel uncertain about whether you are sufficiently knowledgeable, remember that the most important thing is a commitment to working together with a visitor and assisting them in fixing their bike is more important than knowledge. If you are still not convinced, then we offer 2-hour Apprentice Workshop where we guide you to perform the most common repairs on a bike we provide (or on your own bike it is anyway required ;-). Sign-up for an Apprentice Workshop via the same registration form linked above.

What exactly is an active member?

We will explain in more detail when you attend an Introduction Session, but in short: the Active Members shape the VELOVE by their contribution to our Velowerkstatt and through organization and participation in social rides, social events, and projects. Active Members profit from exclusive offers, and they contribute roughly one day (8 hours) per semester to our Velowerkstatt or other activities.