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  • 12. October Hönggerberg Velobörse. Mark the date!
  • Veloventilator, a refreshing project

    The VELOVEntilator is a prototype for a device to refresh cyclist during the hot summer months. A breeze of mist cooled air makes sure to bring the temperatures down to a comfortable level. This refreshing machine was built by a group of four people: Serena Neuenschwander, Lukas Bernhard, Fabian Ulmer and Hannes Heller, with support from ETH Zürich and ETH’s Student Project House.

    This project helps in promoting cycling even on the hottest days of the year, and besides it will serve as an unconventional place to initiate discussion on mobility.

    If you want to set it up at your institution contact us via info[at]

    The veloventilator in action
  • Velobörse Polyterrasse

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