The Velove UZH workshop is located in on the UZH campus but is accessible to all students of UZH, ETH, PH, ZHdK and ZHAW.

You can use all the tools for free, get help and advices from our active members and buy some new parts for very little money.

If your visit was a success, please think about leaving us a tip! This allows us to make sure our tools are in good shape and to renew our stock if needed.

You can find information about other Velove workshops here.

How does it work?

At VELOVE, you can work on your bike for free. We put professionals tools and products at your disposal. We also sell basic parts, like break pads, tubes, brake/gear shift cables, etc at a student price.

If you don’t know how to do something, don’t worry: we are here to support you and share our knowledge. At least one active member will be there to help you find the right tool and advise you. We think there is nothing more satisfying than being able to fix everything, but we know it can seem impossible at first.

Please come early, plan enough time and leave a tip, all our active members are volunteers.


Events, news and Tricks

We are more than just a workshop! We organise cool events throughout the year: Social rides, Flickkurse, Apéro and more!

You can also join our Slack workspace where your fellow bike lovers announce spontaneous rides, discuss the latest bike related news, give advices for your next purchase, trade parts… You’ll access all of that when browsing through the channels!

Don’t hesitate to contribute!


Upcoming events

Follow us on Instagram

We share news about the Zurich bike community and advertise our events on our Instagram page. We’ll also inform you of any changes in our opening hours.

It’s an opportunity to spread the bicycle love ❤ 

Get involved

Want to help? You are more than welcome.
The most common way to participe is as a so-called active member. Active members are the ones that open the workshop and help other to ‘flick’ their bikes. 
You do not need to be a bike expert for that – we will introduce you to the basics and nobody expects from you to be a professional mechanics. You will learn valuable knowledge by doing, I can assure you : I barely knew how to change a tire when I started at VELOVE, and after an active semester I was able to completely dissemble my bike and rebuild it.

In short, as an active member:

  • You will have to follow an introduction.
  • You are expected to open the workshop 2x/semester.
  • You get 24h access to the workshop & discount on parts.
  • You will learn a lot and meet a bunch of great people.

There are also other way to participate: you can organize events, write articles on this website, or help in the logistics and organisation. Don’t hesitate to get in touch on slack or via instagram. We’re looking forward to meet you 💖