Supporting student bike workshops

VELOVE Schweiz is an umbrella organization focused on supporting and growing student bike workshop associations around Switzerland. We want to help GET UNIVERSITIES CYCLING! We help VELOVE Workshops in taking care of the tedious tasks (such as membership management, marketing and website hosting) to help them on what they do best, fixing bikes and building a community!

Opening a new workshop

Are you a student currently enrolled at a Swiss university and want to set up a bike workshop at your campus? Reach out to us by email to get access to a supportive network of bike enthusiast which has already set up 3 student bike workshops around Zurich!

What we do

  • Advertising and sponsorships
  • Finances
  • Membership management: We take care of tracking membership across the multiple workshops, as well as contributions from paying members
  • Website and Wiki: We manage a shared website ( where each workshop can easily share information about their activities. We also maintain an internal Wiki, helping the different associations pass knowledge between each other.
  • Supporting new workshops

Who we are